Dry Dock Hotel

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The Dry Dock Hotel Balmain holds immense heritage significance within the Balmain community, embodying its rich cultural and historical heritage. With new owners, James Ingram and Mike Everett of the Peninsula group, envisioning a relaxed and welcoming bar experience, complemented by a standout restaurant, Design Collaborative was engaged to conduct due diligence on the property.

Design Collaborative conducted a comprehensive planning assessment, recognizing the significance of preserving the building’s original character while accommodating modern amenities and design elements. Recommendations included careful restoration of heritage features, such as the fa├žade, interior furnishings, and signage, to maintain the pub’s authentic charm. Design Collaborative conducted an analysis of constraints related to noise and patron movements to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigate potential disruptions to the surrounding community. Recommendations included implementing soundproofing measures, optimising seating arrangements, and coordinating with local authorities to establish guidelines for patron behaviour. By proactively addressing these constraints, the Dry Dock Hotel has created a harmonious and enjoyable environment for both patrons and residents.