Residential Projects

Homeowner objection- Review of Licenced Restaurant.

Our clients were concerned with the new late-night operating hours and noise from a nearby restaurant. We were able to uncover long ignored operational requirements under both the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 and Liquor Act 2007 that armed our clients’ with the information, contacts and processes needed to reduce the intensity of the operation and protect the peace and quiet of their home.


We worked with the architect and homeowner regarding alterations, additions, conversion of attic space and new landscaping to a magnificent heritage home. By working closely with Council stakeholders and consultants we were able to take the benefit of historical approvals and leverage
them against nearby approvals to achieve our clients’ desired design despite earlier refusals by Council.

Embece and Virginia Kerridge Architects


Design Collaborative provided advice to assist the Private Certifier for internal alterations and preparation of a development application for the external alterations that could not be captured under the complying development certificate process. A highly detailed Statement of Environmental Effects ensured the quick processing of the development application that was approved in two months.

Architects: Richards Stanisch


Working with the architect, Design Collaborative were able to assist with the requested alterations and additions to heritage home including conversion of rear deck to internal space, achieving the homeowner’s vision for their property.

Architect: Richards Stanisch